About Us

We began this journey nearly 16 years ago in 2006 in premarital counseling when our pastor at that time, Dan Tovar, prophesied that God would have us ministering to other marriages. At the time, this seemed very unlikely to me, not least because this was to be my third marriage. Perhaps the lessons of three failed attempts had endowed me with wisdom to help others face similar challenges. Our first several years were full of difficulties, and had it not been for the strength of our love for one another and for God, we surely would have ended it many times. During this period, in 2010 Cordon de Tres Ministerio de Matrimonios was born.

After five painful years, I finally surrendered, and began to listen to God as He taught me to be the husband I was meant to be. As this happened, our married life changed completely and we continue to grow as we daily seek Jesus together. Our journey has continued to be one of discovery, learning, and passing on the blessing that God lavishes us with.